Wandering Songs | Music
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this is what we do

Music moves us, both metaphorically and literally. It is an art in which emotion is expressed; it helps us to share feelings, tell stories, educate and commemorate. This is especially important in (post-) conflict situations, where issues of trust often come up. Through music, people can speak about these issues and their past experiences with conflict, insecurity and violence: topics which are not often discussed publically. By incorporating these narratives into songs, music enables people to address sensitive issues and document events. In this way, music can evoke memories, bring people together and create new connections. By creating a platform for artists, the Wandering Songs project can be part of this process. It gives people the opportunity to tell their own stories -in music- and make others aware of matters they deem important. Wandering Songs started in August 2013 with ‘Ugandan Recordings’; 111 songs and video clips were recorded in the northern part of Uganda over a period of eight months. The project took place in an area that is heavily affected by twenty years of conflict, which left tremendous scars on the lives of ordinary people. Many of the recorded songs relate to this period of violence and enabled artists to openly discuss their experiences with conflict. The recorded songs and videos are gathered on the website www.ugandanrecordings.com and so far attracted over 100.000 viewers.

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