Wandering Songs | Special thanks
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Special thanks

A big thank you to the Ugandan team who made Ugandan Recordings possible.


We particularly want to thank the artists in northern Uganda who shared their knowledge, trust, friendship and talent with us: Thank you Opira Morise Kato, Ogwang Clipper, OJ Murugut, Jimmy Jimson, Okony Tumangu Tim, Cityboy, St. Janani Luwum choir, Christ the King choir, Opete Church choir, Riyadh Mosque Nursery School, Ojwee Nahman, Lukeme Kalule, Storm Breakers, Three Paul Sounds, Sherry Princess Olivia, Brother Q, Okidi and Luo Academy.
Furthermore, thank you for participating in the ‘music in one minute’ video clips Wesney Odongtoo, Odong Oscar Kham, Michael Onek, Emmanuel Mwaka, Monica and Elsa, Stephen Komakech, Abduallah Juma Jalleh, Opira Morise Kato, Sherry Princess Olivia, Cityboy, Alexis Ocaya, David Accelam, David Okech, Janani Loum, Leander Komakech, Mandela Nelson Denish, OJ Murugut and Obitra Gama George.
We also like to thank 100.7 Pol FM radio-station in Kitgum for introducing us to many great musicians and making us feel welcome. Kidega Frank, thank you very much for your kindness and assistance!